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Primozone® ODM ozone distribution module allows for distribution of ozone to different treatment lines - all with individual dosing

Primozone® ODM Ozone Distribution Module

The Primozone® ODM ozone distribution module is designed to enable ozone distribution to several different treatment lines from one single ozone generator - with exact and individual dosing for each line. Benefits include;

  • No need to oversize - one ozone generator can support several different treatment lines
  • Individual dosing - each treatment line can be controlled individually and have different dosing
  • Accurate dosing - dosing automatically controlled by Redox, ORP or flow values
  • Sophisticated control system - integrated control system with unique features that control the exact ozone levels produced at any given time
  • Expandable - possible to connect to up to 5 ozone generators and to have 20 distribution lines
  • Built-to-fit - adaptable to capacity needs and number of treatment lines
  • Modular design - ensures easy adaptation for additional treatment lines
  • Central system - one access point


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Primozone Ozone Distribution system overview

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