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What we achieved

  • Break down of humus so it easily can be filtered out
  • Oxidization of iron so it easily can be filtered out
  • Removal of “dirty electricity” to ensure smooth continuous operation of ozone generators
  • Reducucing energy consumption with more than 50%
  • Doubling the volume of produced ozone

Client conditions

  • Very high humus content which severely colours the raw water
  • High iron content in the raw water which gives colour to the water and may discolour clothes for instance, if used for washing
  • Somewhat dirty electricity supply from the grid causing disturbances in the operation of the old ozone generators
  • A wish to reduce the energy consumption

How we did it

  • 2 pcs of Primozone GM18 with high ozone concentration (200 g O³/NmO²)

The Primozone ozone installation solved problem at Ljungskile WTP

Due to weak power supply the old ozone generator at Ljungskile WTP in Sweden did not produce enough ozone. With the Primozone ozone solution the weakness in power supply and  power spikes was no longer a problem.

Our electricity bill has been halved and at the same time we get twice the volume of ozone 

In June 2006, Primozone delivered a completely new ozone system consisting of oxygen generator, ozone generator and mixing system. Installation took less than one working day.

Since the Primozone GM18 ozone generator was installed, the plant has been constantly in operation, despite severe disturbance in the public energy supply

The Waterworks requested a second train of oxygen + ozone generator to be installed in 2008 due to the increasing content of organic material in the raw water. We installed the system in April 2008, with only 20 minutes of downtime. After two and a half years the system is still working perfectly without any breakdowns reported.

The plant manager at Ljungskile WTP, Mr Daniel Lingbrand is very satisfied and says "Since we installed the Primozone ozone generator system we have got rid of the severe disturbances in the ozone production due to the somewhat "dirty electricity" that we have here. Furthermore has our electricity bill has been halved and at the same time we get twice the volume of ozone. We are very happy indeed with the Primozone ozone generator system"

“We are delighted that Ljungskile water chose us to supply a second generator to increase ozone dosage to combat an increase in the growth of organisms in the water. This demonstrates the reliability and cost-efficiency of our systems. They are perfect for replacing older, less efficient ozone generators”, says Dan Johansson, Primozone’s Sales and Marketing Director.

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