Peripherals that refines your ozone installation and ensures long-lasting performance

Need more than an ozone generator?

Primozone offers a number of peripherals that will refine your ozone installation. Below you’ll find our standard range. Primozone also offers complete design-to-fit ozone oxidation systems including everything from oxygen generation to tanks and dissolution. Read more about our complete ozone solutions.

Primozone® LB LOX-Booster

The LB LOX-booster is used to increase performance when running the ozone generator on LOX. The LB LOX booster comes in two different version – with or without a built-in air compressor.

Primozone® BFP backflow protector

To protect a ozone installation from back flowing water it is highly recommended to use a backflow protector deviced. Read more about the intelligent Primozone BFP backflow protector

Primozone® CS Cooling Skid

To keep the high performance of your GM-ozone generator and to ensure continuous operations it is important to cool the ozone generator with cooling water. With the Primozone cooling skid it is possible to use process water as cooling water in a very energy efficient way. The only requirement is that the process water has a temperature between +3° and +20°C (37-68°F). The CS cooling skid is equipped with a heat exchanger and an expansion tank and separates the process water from the ozone generator. The CS cooling skid is built-to-fit.

Primozone® DM Thermal Catalytic Ozone Destructors

Even in a correctly designed ozone water treatment system there will be some ozone remaining in the off-gas. With a thermal-catalytic ozone destructor any un-reacated ozone is efficiently and reliably removed in a very energy efficient way. The off-gas is heated to approx. 50° C and then passed through a bed of catalyst that converts the ozone into oxygen. High ozone destruction efficiency – ensures <0,1 PPM ozone after destruction.


  • Lower investment and Running cost
  • High ozone destruction efficiency ensuring <0.1 PPM ozone residue
  • Closed loop system to have clean water through the generator