Ozone injection systems

The Primozone difference is based on the technology’s ability to effectively channel high concentration ozone, with no losses to the dissolution point.

Thus securing the required level of dissolved ozone in the water. The high concentrations of ozone produced by a Primozone ozone generator means less oxygen in the mixture – and correspondingly more efficient mass transfer of ozone in the water.

Any system’s pressure configuration will also have an impact on dissolution. The pressure in traditional ozone generators is low. Higher pressure leads to a much better mass transfer of the ozone into the water. Primozone technology creates an output pressure that is 3 times higher, enabling up to 95% more dissolved ozone in the water.  The reduced volume of gas created by having high concentrations of ozone also means a reduction in the booster pump capacity if needed – providing significant operational and investment savings.

Primozone offers different kind of injection skids and technologies to get to best possible dissolution of ozone for your application. Please get in contact with your local Primozone representative to discuss the optimal solution for you and your application.

Primozone Ozone dissolution skid