Third party peripheral

Third party peripheral

PSA systems

A correct designed oxygen supply is crucial for a stable ozone production. By installing a PSA system, you are guaranteed a constant, reliable source of oxygen directly at your point of use. It makes you independent from bulk or cylinder supply.

A PSA system (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is using two pressurized columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production.

Primozone has co-operation with the world leading manufactures of PSA system. Get in contact with your local Primozone representative to discuss the optimal solution for your application.


Primozone offers a wide range of instrumentation to ensure that the process is operating as planned and with the treatment results that it was designed for. All instruments provided by Primozone has be used in numerous of application world-wide and comes from the leaders in the industry, such as BMT, Prominent and Hach. Some common instruments are:

  • Ozone Concentration Meter
  • Dissolved Ozone in Water
  • Water flow
  • Gas flow
  • Dew Point
  • Oxygen concentration

Safety / Alarm

Ensure safety in all working environments with the use gas detection systems, detectors, monitors and alarms. The release of ozone gas, oxygen deficiency or enrichment can be monitored with help of different gas detectors. When detected at an early stage, alarms and shutdown procedures can be implemented to protect both personnel and plant equipment.

Primozone works close with two of the world leading companies in this field. Get in contact with your local Primozone representative to discuss the optimal solution for your application.

It is important to understand that it is the risk assessment of the plant / application that will decide how your safety system should be configured and designed and therefore the scope of supply in a budgetary quotation can differ from the final solution.

Active chillers

In applications or locations in which it is hard to get cooling water an active chiller is a very reliable solution. In over a decade Primozone has been using the LAUDA Ultracool chillers to provide reliable temperature control and ensure secure processing. The Superplus (SP) models are plug & operate systems equipped with a cold water tank, a centrifugal pump and an internal bypass. All chillers are already equipped with an antifreeze protection thermostat to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger. Integrated pressure switches protect the circuit against pressure levels that drift too high or too low. The Lauda SP works with a reciprocating compressor and a centrifugal pump. The pump is noise reduced and works with a very flat flow rate/pressure characteristic. This allows the user to easily adjust the water flow without affecting the pressure.

Note: the cooling water temperature will affect the produced amount of ozone. Calculation is offered upon request and details of the local conditions.


  • PSA systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety / alarm
  • Active chillers