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Redefining Ozone Technology - Energy Efficient Water Treatment

Safe and problem free ozone water treatment

Primozone sets a new industry standard for ozone technology

With the patented Primozone ozone generator technology you get the highest ozone concentration on the market - up to 20 wt%. You also get an ozone generator that is compact in size and can reduce the life cycle cost of your ozone installation with more than 50%.

Complete and customized ozone water treatment solutions

At Primozone® we know how ozone works and can design an ozone water treatment system that will fit your needs. Buying an ozone generator is one thing. Building a complete and efficiently working ozone generator system is another. 


"The Primozone® ozone generator has spoiled us and we don’t ever want to use anything less sophisticated."

Dr. Steven Summerfelt, Director of Aquaculture Systems Research at the Freshwater Institute, US

Challenge us with your water treatment needs!

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Read about Primozone RAS solutions

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