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 Ozone generator technology


Redefining Ozone Technology™

Efficient ozone generator technology for water treatment applications

Primozone provides safe and problem free ozone generators and customized ozone solutions that cuts cost of treating water

With the patented Primozone® ozone generator technology you get the highest ozone concentration on the market - up to 20 wt%. You also get an ozone generator that is compact in size and has a modular design with a built-in redundancy.

Would you also like to reduce the life cycle cost of your ozone installation with more than 50% and double the volume of produced ozone? Contact us



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Industrial ozone water treatment

Primozone ozone technology for
industrial water treatment

is cost effective

With Primozone you get at complete partner who can customize an ozone water treatment solution for you. Our ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems are robust and cost effective.

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Municipal ozone water treatment

Primozone ozone technology for
municipal water treatment

means low life-cycle costs

Primozone is a modern ozone generator supplier who not only supplies maintenance free ozone generators but also designs complete ozone water treatment systems. We know ozone and can be your partner in designing a complete and efficiently working ozone generator system for most municipal water treatment issues.

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Primozone ozone technology for
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

increases productivity

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) operate by reusing the fish tank water it is essential to control the water quality. Many studies show that treating RAS with ozone increases productivity as fish health and survival is increased.

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