Industrial applications

Industrial ozone generators with modular design and guaranteed performance

  • Capacity 0,1kg – 25 kg
  • Discharge pressure up to 3.0 bar(g)
  • Ozone concentration up to 20 wt/%
  • Industrial ozone solutions for industrial water treatment

Industrial waste water treatment is a complex area

With Primozone you get a partner who can customize an ozone water treatment solution for you. Our ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems are robust and maintenance free. The modular design allows for stepwise upgrades. As a partner we can provide a complete system design or stand alone ozone generator sales. We have mobile pilot test equipment and are happy to do pilot tests to get the perfect solution. We can adapt our solutions to fit yours.

Advantages with our industrial ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems

  • Highest ozone concentration up to 20 wt%
  • High gas pressure up to 3.0 bar(g)
  • Built in redundancy
  • Compact in size
  • Accurate dosing
  • Energy efficient
  • Ozone distribution module (multi purpose distribution)