Don’t let the size fool you

You’ve never seen an ozone reactor quite like this

The patented Primozone anodized aluminium reactor uses an improved version of the cold plasma ozone generation method (or dielectric barrier discharge method) to produce ozone.

Its compact size means oxygen doesn’t have to travel as far as in a conventional glass tube technology reactors, enabling more efficient conversion of gas. The reactor’s compactness also means naturally higher gas output pressures, key to the Primozone generator’s remarkable ozone concentrations and subsequent dissolution in water.

Cool to the core

Another unique feature of Primozone ozone generators – the electrical power units and reactors are fully integrated in the water cooling system and cooled internally (in the generator) This means there is no need for a closed air-conditioned space for the generator, allowing a smaller system footprint and lowering energy use. The efficiency of temperature control also improves ozone production, as high temperatures have a negative impact on ozone formation.

A “no need to clean” promise you can keep

A Primozone ozone reactor needs no cleaning – its robust all-aluminum design and the high gas pressure ensure that no contaminants will stick to its surface, thus securing maximum up-time.

Modular means options

Primozone ozone generators are much smaller than traditional alternatives, and designed to work as a modular system to meet required capacities. That means a smaller footprint, as you can install the capacity you need without oversizing. It makes retrofitting simpler, as Primozone generators will easily fit in the space a larger traditional generator once occupied. There’s no need to disrupt production during service, as linked generators continue ozone production even when one is offline. And as your needs change, you can simply add new modules – Primozone ozone solutions can grow as quickly as your capacity needs grow.