Primozone ozone generators produce the highest ozone concentration on the market. The Primozone method enables a more efficient creation of free oxygen radicals, which in turn makes it possible to create ozone with higher concentrations – up to 20 wt %. The unique high concentration reduces oxygen use, which means that less energy is needed.



The Primozone difference is also based on the technology’s ability to channel high-concentration ozone effectively, with no losses, to the dissolution point – thus securing the required level of dissolved ozone in the water.

The high concentrations of ozone produced by a Primozone ozone generator result in less oxygen in the mixture – and correspondingly more efficient mass transfer of ozone in the water.

Any system’s pressure configuration will also have an impact on dissolution. The pressure in traditional ozone generators is low. Higher pressure leads to a much better mass transfer of the ozone into the water. Primozone technology creates an output pressure that is 3 times higher, enabling up to 95 % more dissolved ozone in the water.

The reduced volume of gas created by having high concentrations of ozone also means a reduction in the booster pump capacity if needed – providing significant operational and investment savings.

Also worth noting is that with the Primozone technology, oxygen consumption will vary linearly to the ozone production – whereas traditional systems generate a constant gas flow regardless of how much ozone is produced. This means that half the amount of oxygen is used.


Primozone technology has more than 7 times the production capacity at higher ozone concentrations than competitive technology. We provide both high ozone concentration and high ozone capacity/output.

High concentrations, in combination with high pressures, are proven to be more effective at dissolving ozone in water. With Primozone, users will be able to meet their capacity needs using far less oxygen and energy. And since high concentrations of ozone mean smaller gas volumes, even the following ozone destruction benefits, requiring less energy to eliminate non-dissolved ozone.


The high ozone concentration is guaranteed independently of ozone output. Going from peak demand at 100 % output to minimum demand at 10 %, the energy and oxygen consumption will correspondingly drop to 10 %. In other words the ozone concentration is constant.