Why does high ozone concentration matter?

High concentrations of ozone in the gas mixture creates efficiencies system wide: less energy is used because you can use smaller oxygen generators, smaller pumps and dissolution systems and smaller ozone destruct units. This also, of course, affects the investment cost. Dissolution is improved because less gas needs to be dissolved thanks to the high concentration of ozone in the gas – doubling the concentration doubles the dissolution ability of the ozone in the liquid.

Will I still have off-gas with ozone that is infused in high concentrations?

Yes, but higher concentrations means smaller gas volumes, reducing the size and cost of the off-gas systems and the energy required.

Does Primozone facilitate the distribution of ozone to more than one injection point?

Absolutely. From the Primozone ODM (ozone distribution module), operators can adjust the ow of each injection point, and even the corresponding ozone production changes – turning what used to be a day’s work into an instant automated adjustment.