Re-thinking redundancy

The modularity of the Primozone technology minimizes stand-by needs. Traditional ozone generators require installation of a duplicate of each ozone generator for backup. With Primozone, you will need (at most) to add a module that represents 50% of the capacity. In this case you only need a stand-by module that represents 25% of the overall capacity with a total saving of ≈ 40% in CAPEX.


Savings in energy use and costs

  • Less oxygen consumed – less energy needed, lower oxygen equipment costs, lower consumable costs
  • Lower gas volumes – less energy needed for booster pumps for injection and for ozone destruction
  • Higher ozone concentrations – more efficient
  • Dissolution in water per energy unit consumed
  • Integrated reactor cooling – no need for air
  • Conditioners or the energy to operate them


Will I still have off-gas with ozone that is infused in high concentrations?

A: Yes, but higher concentrations means smaller gas volumes, reducing the size and cost of the off-gas systems and the energy required.