Re-thinking redundancy

The modularity of the Primozone technology minimizes stand-by needs. Traditional ozone generators require installation of a duplicate of each ozone generator for backup. With Primozone, you will need (at most) to add a module that represents 50% of the capacity. In this case you only need a stand-by module that represents 25% of the overall capacity with a total saving of ≈ 40% in CAPEX.


Modularity change that changes everything

For larger applications, traditional ozone thinking means high volume ozone generators designed to meet peak capacity needs. And duplicates to back them up.

With Primozone ozone generators, meeting peak capacity is spread over a number of modules. There is no reason to oversize. Needless to say, the space and capital investment savings this represents can be significant.

The modular design also means Primozone generators are easy to retrofit into an existing facility – their smaller size will easily fit into the space needed for traditional ozone generators. As your needs change, you can simply add a new Primozone module to meet it.

Savings in energy use and costs

  • Less oxygen consumed – less energy needed, lower oxygen equipment costs, lower consumable costs
  • Lower gas volumes – less energy needed for booster pumps for injection and for ozone destruction
  • Higher ozone concentrations – more efficient
  • Dissolution in water per energy unit consumed
  • Integrated reactor cooling – no need for air
  • Conditioners or the energy to operate them


Will I still have off-gas with ozone that is infused in high concentrations?

A: Yes, but higher concentrations means smaller gas volumes, reducing the size and cost of the off-gas systems and the energy required.