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Intelligent backflow device for protection of ozone installations

Protecting your ozone equipment from back flowing water is a simple and cost effective way of ensuring up-time and problem free operations of an ozone installation. The Primozone® BFP is an intelligent solution with automatic control of both water detection and shut-off. 

Electrical water detection

Accidental backflow of water that enters an ozone generator may cause major damage to the ozone reactors and power supplies and consequently result in down-time and major costs. Thanks to its electrical detection system the Primozone® BFP has an extremely fast response time and is very reliable. At 3 bars working pressure it is guaranteed to shut-off immediately upon detection of water.

Automatic system shut-off

The Primozone BFP is designed to be completely integrated with any ozone solution. This thanks to its capacity to be enabled either via the ozone generator or a control system and its ability to shut off the complete system automatically when being triggered.

Easy maintenance and restart

The Primozone® BFP is designed for minimum maintenance and safe operations. This includes a built-in drainage for quick restart after being triggered.

Fits any ozone installation

The backflow protector is sized for gas flows of up to 700 l/min (1483 ft3/h) and will fit most ozone installations. The Primozone® BFP is built for seamless integration with any Primozone ozone generator and easy integration with ozone solutions from other manufacturers.

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