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  Ozone generator model GM18

Primozone® GM-series - Modern, small and modular

The above Primozone GM18 ozone generator measures 1900x650x460 mm and produces 1 kg of ozone with a concentration of 20 wt%.

Download data sheet for Primozone GM6-GM48 ozone generators

Download data sheet for Primozone GM1-GM2-GM3 ozone generators

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Primozone® GM-series - modern, easy to operate and reliable ozone generators

Primozone® GM-series ozone generators

The Primozone® GM-series is a series of high performance ozone generators based on the redefining Primozone ozone technology. An ozone technology that is built around on the unique and patented Primozone aluminum ozone reactor.

Whatever your ozone need

Whatever size ozone generator you need there is no need to compromise on any features. All the Primozone ozone generators are based on the same redefining ozone technology that enables the worlds most reliable ozone production.

The benefits include;

  • Highest ozone concentration on the market, up to 20 wt%
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate dosing through built-in controller (PLC controlled)
  • Highest gas pressure 2.2 bar(g)
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Lowest life-cycle cost - low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Very compact in size - small footprint
  • Maintenance free - made from only stainless steel and aluminum, no tubes, hoses or connections that need replacing

The GM-series offer eight standard size ozone generators and a GM-on demand alternative. The GM-on demand are built-to-fit ozone generators that are based on the Primozone ozone technology and scaled according to customer needs.

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