Complete ozone solution with a low life-cycle cost at Acomb Landing WTW

When Yorkshire Water built the new state-of-the-art water treatment plant, Acomb Landing, Primozone was chosen as the preferred ozone supplier by both Yorkshire Water and the principal contractor AECOM.

Innovative solutions important

A key driver for the Acomb Landing project was to find new technology and innovative solutions that would help reduce total cost of ownership.

Primozone designed a complete ozone water treatment solution that reduced both cost and secured redundancy. This thanks to the unique energy saving and modular plate reactor technology.

Modularity and up-time

With the Primozone concept, the specified ozone capacity could be reduced by 25%, thanks to its modularity and built-in redundancy. The modular concept also minimized the risk of downtime. So far up-time at Yorkshire Water WTW during operations of the water treatment works has been 100%.

According to AECOM the Primozone ozone solutions “has a number of benefits both in terms of lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to the conventional ozone generating systems and also due to its relatively simple modular design”.

Removal of pesticides

The valley around the River Ouse is a heavy agricultural area and it is also very flooding resilient. This means possibly high levels of pesticides in the water. The pesticides will be removed by the ozone solution provided by Primozone together with granular activated carbon absorbers.

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“At AECOM we have been looking for new ozone generator technology for a long time. With Primozone we found the technology that we were looking for.”
Graham Tinson
Project Manager, AECOM



  • AECOM is one of the worlds largest design & build contractors within municipal water & waste water

Acomb Landing WTW, York, UK

  • Raw water from River Ouse
  • Output capacity 35 ML/day drinking water

Primozone® Ozone Solution

  • 3 Primozone® GM18 ozone generators
  • Dissolution module with Statiflow static mixer
  • 2 Primozone® DM ozone destructors
  • Primozone® system controller
  • Run on LOX
  • Commissioning Nov. 2012