Landbased Fish farming, Skagen Salmon

Skagen Salmon is a land based salmon-farm located in Skagen, Denmark. They provide high-quality salmon to the nearby markets with respect of both the salmon, the consumer, and the environment.

The facility relies on a stable operation to ensure optimal environment for the fish. Primozone are proud to contribute to this process as an ozone supplier at Skagen Salmon.

With our modular and adjustable generators our system can in an easy way adapt to the process requirements in order to have the optimum operation.


“At Primozone we supply and install ozone in a easy and safe way, in close cooperation with our clients.”

-Jimmie Appelgren,

Area sales manager at Primozone.

Skagen Salmon

One of the Worlds most advanced facilites of landbased salmon farms. Objective to produce 3600 tons of salmon a year.

Primozone solution

  • GM12 X 6 Ozone generators
  • Filter package , cooling, valves, safety products to make a complete and reliable ozone system
  • Joined start up with the experts from Primozone together with the application experts from Skagen Salmon


Contribute to a safe and healthy environment for the salmon


  • Ozone system up and running and used in the process according to demands and expectations