Primozone ozone destruct units come in two different models

Primozone DM series

The DM series has a built-in fan and is the recommended choice when using larger, non-pressurized reaction tanks or basins. The speed of the fan is based on the gas flow to minimize energy consumption.

Primozone DEXF series

The DEXF series has no fan, and is recommended for non-pressurized sealed tanks. The DEXF is delivered with a separate electrical cabinet and can be operated in manual or automatic mode.

“Even in a correctly designed ozone water treatment system, there will be some residual ozone in the off-gas. With a thermal-catalytic ozone destruct unit, any unreacted vent ozone is efficiently and reliably removed in a very energy-efficient way.”

How it works

Thermal catalytic destruct units use a granular catalyst that decomposes the ozone to oxygen. The vent gas is heated before it is passed through the granular catalyst to remove moisture, thus improving catalyst performance.

Main features

  • High ozone conversion efficiency, ensuring <0.1 PPM ozone residue
  • Very energy efficient
  • Automatic temperature monitoring and adjustment
  • Manual or automatic operation