To maintain the high performance of a GM ozone generator and to ensure continuous operation, it is important to cool the ozone generator with cooling water. The active cooler is designed to keep the ozone generator at a constant operating temperature, approx. 10 °C.

ozone alarm

To ensure a safe working environment for staff and to turn off ozone the equipment in the event of a leak, this alarm is used to detect ozone and oxygen in the surrounding environment.


The oxygen generator enables an uninterrupted supply of oxygen with a high purity output. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a cost-effective process for producing oxygen in place. The PSA principle is used for the separation of oxygen from atmospheric air, where product gases are separated from others by one absorption.

Ozone meter

Ozone meters are used to measure dissolved ozone in water and regulate ozone production.


The compressor is for supplying the oxymate system with compressed air, to produce pure oxygen for the Primozone generator.