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Complete and turn-key ozone systems for pilot tests and permanent installations

The Primozone® SM-series offer complete ozone systems for indoor or outdoor installations

The Primozone SM-series are complete ozone generation systems that include oxygen concentration and the Primozone® ozone generation technology. They can be built to fit with different capacity depending on customer needs. Small indoor systems for pilot tests or containerized outdoor ozone systems, either way the SM-series are complete plug and play ozone system. The containerized solutions can be delivered together with a dissolution module and a reaction tank to form a complete oxidation system.

  • Complete - complete ozone generation systems including oxygen concentration and ozone generation
  • Turn-key - fast and easy installation
  • Skid fitted or containerized - small footprint and easy transportation
  • Built-to-fit design - can be built with different Primozone ozone generators to meet specific capacity needs
  • Sophisticated control system - with unique features that controls the exact ozone levels produced at any given time
  • High gas pressure - ensures improved dissolution and effective distribution
  • Movable

Complete and containerized ozone system

Primozone SM900 Containerized ozone solution. Here used for treatment of filamentous sludge at a waste water plant.

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