LG replaces ozone supplier to Primozone

In LG Chemicals facilitys in Ochang, South Korea they manufacturing electric car battery and film for display panel. They are using ozone to treat waste water to reduce COD 300 ppm to about 100ppm. They have two water treatment facilities and each water treatment plant using six GM48. Each water treatment plant water capacity is 70m3/hr.

Before, LG Chemical used the Ozonia ozone generator. The quantity of the generators was two CFV-20, two CFV-15 and one CFV-10 for both wastewater treatment facilities. Four years later the Ozonia ozone generators caused too many broken alarms. Copper plate corrosion and IGBT broken ETC. LG spended too much for ozone generator repair and LG was really annoying with the Ozonia generator. They decided to apply six GM48 from Primozone to one of the wastewater treatment plants and they were really satisfied with the Primozone solution. In the next year they added six more GM48 to exchange the ozone generators for the second wastewater treatment plant. For power consumption was similar with former ozone generators but they reduced 30% of LOX expenses. Still Primozone generators are working well on the sites.


  • Reduce COD
  • 12 x GM48
  • 30% of LOX expenses