Energy and cost efficient solution for cooling of ozone generators.

The ozone generators need cooling. If cooling water is available on site, Primozone CSM, cooling skids module, with heat exchanger and circulation pumps, are normally the preferred solution. The cooling skid makes a closed loop, with the ozone generator(s) on one side and the cooling water on the other, and there for preventing water, not clean enough, reaching the ozone generator(s). With a closed loop and a cooling skid the risk of damaging the ozone generator(s) is more or less eliminated.

The Primozone CSM, cooling skid module, comes in either a singel pump or a dual pump configuration. The dual pump configuration safeguards your equipment by the possibility of alternating the pumps for a safer installation.

Note: the cooling water temperature will affect the produced amount of ozone. Preferred cooling water temperature is 10°C (50°F).

To keep the high performance of your Primozone GM-ozone generator and to ensure continuous operations, it is important to cool the ozone generator with cooling water. With the Primozone CSM, cooling skid module, it is possible to use local available process water as cooling water in a very energy efficient way, as it separates the process water loop from the ozone generator loop. The only requirements are that the process water has a temperature between +3° and +20°C (37-68°F) and has a sufficient flow. The Primozone CSM, cooling skid module, is equipped with a heat exchanger, either in stainless steel (SS) for fresh water or titanium for sea water (TI), and an expansion tank. The Primozone CSM, cooling skid module, is available in three different sizes from covering up to simultaneous cooling of 4 pcs of Primozone GM48.

Primozone offer larger capacity of cooling skids on request.


  • Safeguarding investment.
  • Most energy efficient solution
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Fresh water (SS) or sea water (Ti)
  • Singel pump or dubble pump