Large retrofit order in the USA. Primozone continues to redefine ozone technology.

Primozone together with our North American engineering partner, Pureflow Filtration Division of CEC, was awarded a contract for modernization of ozone technology in Worcester City, MA.
The full scope of the project is planned in two steps. A total of 8 Primozone GM48 (21 kg /hour – 1150 ppd) units installed once both steps are implemented.
“First step of the project is currently in progress and Primozone will supply equipment during the year 2018”, says Ilaria Azzarà, responsible for the North American municipal market.

This project is a ground-breaking statement that Primozone modular concept and build-in redundancy is recognized. In both stages, 4xGM48 and 8xGM48, one of the GM48 units will be used as a Running back-up, Primozone alternative to a standby unit, while the other ones will fulfil the required maximum capacity.

All the units will be running on higher ozone concentration, one of the distinguished benefits of the Primozone solution, to achieve savings on oxygen during normal operations and flows. During peaks and in the event that one unit is to be disconnected, the ozone concentration will be lowered automatically to achieve more ozone output.
The smaller footprint of Primozone ozone generators enables smooth and easy retrofit installation, where the replaced traditional ozone system was originally installed.

Primozone ozone solution is the smart future-proof choice of the city of Worchester.