Solutions for the reduction of micropollutants from wastewater

Conventional biological as well as mechanical wastewater treatment methods are not sufficient for reduction of micropollutants. The objectives with traditional wastewater treatment is to remove degradable organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus. By implementing advanced water ...

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Removal of PFOS with Primozone ozone technology

Primozone has, together with one of its system integrators, Piper Environmental Group, developed a solution to break down perfluorinated substances like PFOS, PFOA etc., without adding anything but ozone and hydrogen peroxide. The solution is ...

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Primozone is awarded large scale municipal drinking water project worth 3 million Euro

The Swedish ozone generator supplier Primozone has won the public tender to supply the ozone installation for the expansion of the Langevatn drinking water treatment plant outside Stavanger, Norway. The installation, worth approximately 3 million ...

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