Removal of PFOS with Primozone ozone technology

Primozone has, together with one of its system integrators, Piper Environmental Group, developed a solution to break down perfluorinated substances like PFOS, PFOA etc., without adding anything but ozone and hydrogen peroxide. The solution is based on breaking down the, otherwise hardly biodegradable, substances under pressure with high concentrated ozone. This enables to easily clean water, soil and to protect groundwater in a completely different way than before. The technologies used to date have been based on adsorbents such as activated carbon, but when the activated carbon is saturated, it has to be sent for incineration.

Now it is possible to process the water directly on-site and break down everything, without creating unnecessary transportation and to get a solution that is much more sustainable than the conventional methods used up to now. The bottle necks in older solutions are eliminated and thus we can process larger amounts of water or soil in a shorter period of time.

For more information about removal of perfluorinated substances, please contact our industry expert, Jesper Kedström –