Primozone at The Water and Wastewater Fair in Jönköping, Sweden, September 25-27 2018!

The Water and Wastewater Fair has been the water industry’s most important meeting-place for many years. This is where users meet: the municipal water and wastewater sector, and industry with producers of equipment and services in areas including water treatment, distribution, IT, measurement, control and regulation technology, operation, maintenance, research, consultation and many other areas.

Primozone puts the spotlight on the ozone as the nature-friendly remedy to keep our drinking water clean from pharmaceutical residues, microplastics and other elements that should not be there.

Why use ozone?

The rapid increase of population along with the fact that Earths freshwater supply cannot be increased creates a critical demand for clean water. Unfortunately, clean freshwater supply is diminishing as the human kind destroys the sources available today through pollutants both in the air and waters. As a result, our freshwater sources become more and more contaminated; there is a critical need to apply technology to address this problem. The most cost-effective and proven solution today is ozone.
Essential is the fact that ozone is more environmentally friendly compared to established solutions nowadays.
Primozone reveals GM48, the most effective and future-proved ozone generator available on the market today.
Primozone welcomes water enthusiasts and professionals to come and experience an ozone generator that is capable of disinfecting 1400m3/h of water and much more:
• Primozone Modularity concept can meet any specific ozone demand to fit any application.
• High concentration and high gas pressure provide savings guarantees highest mass-transfer.
• Smallest footprint, as it can comfortably fit in our booth together with our fantastic ozone specialist team.

To know how to keep your water free of elements that should not be there ask Primozone application specialist at the booth BT03::02

See you at Jönköping!