Primozone Blue Container, reducing pharmaceutical residues in wastewater treatment plants

Primozone would like to thank our customers, partners, and others for interesting meetings and ozone discussions during Aquatec 2017 in Amsterdam.

In Primozone, we are always happy to acquire new learnings and witness the advances in water treatment sector. Primozone was especially glad to witness an increasing awareness about pharmaceutical residues in wastewater. During Industrial User Experience session at Aquatec 2017, general public and industry specialist were able to engage in a vivid discussion regarding an impact micropollutants can have on our environment and possible severe consequences if the subject remains unaddressed or unspoken. At Primozone, we are fully aware of this critical issue therefore already in 2014 Primozone installed its pilot-scale ozone system at 10 different wastewater treatment plants in the south of Sweden. The aim was to reduce pharmaceutical residue and test Efficiency of Primozone ozone system.