Primozone`s second largest project in South Korea

Primozone, together with our partner PAOR has secured what will become our second largest project at LG chemical in Ochang, South Korea.

The main task for Primozone ozone solution is to reduce COD from a wastewater volume of approx. 3000 m3/day with a COD of 300 mg/l.
The chosen solution is a two-step process, wherein step 1, the COD is reduced to 100 mg/l with a biological treatment. In step two, Primozone Ozone solution is taking the COD level down to 20 mg/l, well below the threshold for the discharge that is equal to 30 mg/l as a yearly average.

Primozone will supply a 17 kg O3/hour system based on six GM48, to replace three large generators from a well-known traditional ozone manufacture that has been installed in 2009, but now being replaced due to low efficiency and high maintenance cost.

Our first project with PAOR  at LG chemical has been in operation for one year now with documented and well-noticeable savings in both energy oxygen consumption. Alike the first project with LG chemical, Primozone ozone generators will run on the 17% by weight concentration, which results in a more efficient process and, important to mention- savings on oxygen. The start-up of the project is planned for March 2018. Higher Ozone concentration leads to numerous benefits which are directly translated into savings and optimization of overall performance. Please read Primozone white paper on the importance of high concentration.

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