Five easy steps to protect your investment in Ozone system.

To use the most of your produced ozone, it is crucial to make sure that you dissolve as much ozone as possible in your process, this is mostly known as MTE – mass transfer efficiency. The better MTE you have, the more ozone you dissolve into the water and at the same time it means less gas that will remain unused. Even in a very well-designed process, you will always have ozone gas left, and when this goes up to the surface, you need to destruct the ozone safely.
There are several different methods to destroy the ozone in the off-gas. The most commonly used methods are:
– Catalytic
– Thermic
– Thermo-Catalytic
Which way to use depends on your application and the amount of gas that your application generates. If you collect a lot of gas, i.e., over a basin or a large tank you will most certainly choose a Thermic or Thermo-Catalytic destruct unit. The difference between these two are several, but the easiest way to summarize is that a Thermic uses a lot of energy to destroy the ozone while the Thermo-Catalytic uses very little power but has a higher cost for investment.
When choosing your ozone destruct unit, please consider the following:
– Does it include temperature sensor?
– Does it have pressure sensor?
– Can the catalyst be exchanged?
– Does the supplier take back the used catalyst?
– What is the lifetime of the catalyst?
– Can the heating elements be exchanged?
Please always consult your ozone supplier before choosing the destruct unit. A good supplier will guide you to select the optimal solution for your application.