Five easy steps to protect your investment in ozone system. Part two

All industrial ozone systems need high-quality feed gas to run efficiently. High purity gas in ozone world means gas cleaned of hydrocarbons, particulates, water vapors, and impurities.
Water vapors react with nitrogen in the air and create corrosive nitric acid which can damage and destroy the generator. This challenge can be addressed by using bottled oxygen or oxygen generated on site, with the oxygen concentrator to achieve a low dew point in the feed gas.
One more common reason for failures of the ozone equipment is impurities coming into the ozone equipment through the oxygen piping.
At Primozone we are aware of the amount of effort and money that are dedicated to finding the optimal oxygen source. In the end, the ultimate choice of the oxygen supply will largely depend on the cost of site-generated oxygen vs. LOX installation.
In spite of what kind of oxygen source, please remember that there is a very simple way to protect your equipment by merely adding a filter kit prior the ozone generator. The filter kit will protect your investment both from impurities that might be inside the gas line after welding the piping, but also from impurities that can come for the PSA system or the compressor before the PSA system.
When choosing a filter kit, we recommend paying attention to:

–    Always use both oil and particle filter, typical 1 micron + 0,01 micron

–    Make sure that you can exchange the filter cartridge in a safe and fast manner

–    Always put the pressure regulator after the filter kit

–    Put a by-pass or a dual filter kit to be able to exchange the filter without downtime