Lessons learned.

Primozone strives always to improve our offer toward the customers and the users of our technology.

Since the day one Primozone chose the path of constant improvement and continuous learning to be able to keep with the dynamic path of industry demands and customer requirements. An essential element of this journey is the ability to listen and analyze the feedback provided by the customer since it is there where systems are placed on the test and the real action is happening. At Primozone we implement the “lesson learned meetings” with all involved participants that took part in the project at the customer site to evaluate the performance hands-on.

In the beginning of December, it was time to have this session at Canyon Regional Water in New Braunfels, Texas.

Back in spring 2017, Primozone installed a complete 750 ppd (pounds per day) Primozone ozone system which consists of:

  • Oxygen preparation
  • Ozone injection
  • Ozone destruct
  • Automation and safety equipment

The system was commissioned during this summer and has now been up and running for a couple of months. All involved parties where very content with the performance of the system. Most importantly we were able to outline improvements for future projects that were welcomed and appreciated.  

Primozone is proud to be able to contribute to Canyon Regional Water treatment process and secure quality drinking water to thousands of people that are fortunate to have Lake Dunlap as their water source.

We cannot agree more with Canyon regional choice of a slogan!