The unique story of Primozone ozone reactor.

When our customers receive a newly build Primozone ozone generator, what they see is an elegant and robust unit that is designed to flawlessly produce the highest concentration ozone and known as the best ozone generator on the market.

What we would like to do is to reveal what happens behind the scenes of the making of the inimitable Primozone ozone reactor and outline essential manufacturing steps that are performed at our manufacturing facility in Sweden.

The core of the Primozone ozone generator is our exceptional and recognizable all over the world ozone reactor.  Made of recycled anodized aluminum and designed to last for decades.

Primozone ozone reactor. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Sweden.

It is noticeable for the compact size and unique shape. Industry professionals recognize and appreciate Primozone ozone reactor, among other benefits, for its robustness and high gas output pressure – the key to Primozone noteworthy high ozone concentration, subsequently a better dissolution in water. 

The vision of the inventor of the first Primozone ozone reactor was to resolve the everyday challenges that industry met at that time. His motivation was to improve the performance, to facilitate maintenance, to avoid never endless replacements and dependency on the critical spare parts availability. The vision was to build an ozone generator approved for future demand and technological advances; this vision turned into the first generation of Primozone ozone reactor.

Since that time Primozone team has devoted an extensive amount of resources to maintain, improve and enhance the performance of our ozone reactor to become a reference in the industry for durability and enhanced quality ozone output.

Primozone main office is located in Löddeköpinge Southern Sweden. All department are placed under the same rood, which facilitates a constant dialog between R&D, Technology, and Production. Assembly of the reactor and final testing of the ready to be shipped Primozone ozone generator are our key processes and we are proud that  all is made in-house at the Primozone facility in Sweden

All processes work in sync and no part is leaving Primozone without proper and demanding testing. At Primozone we are committed to efficient production management and sustainable processes, as a result, Primozone is certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

When it comes to ozone reactor assembly the key element is knowledge and expertise. Our lead production technician, Kevin Cato mentioned that it takes up to six months to train the new technician to perform the assembly according to industry standards and Primozone quality criteria.  Kevin Cato is responsible for the assembly of thousands of reactors and oversees the training program in Primozone.

“Dedication and attention to the smallest detail are crucial when working with Primozone reactor, one needs to be extremely focused and knowledgeable to be able to perform this task to ensure that our customer receives the quality and performance that is expected from forefront ozone manufacture.” Says K. Cato.

Lalo Rincon, assembling the reactors halves, cooling side.

Building of the reactor, Kevin Cato with the accuracy and precision of the watchmaker.

Josef Sandkvist, placing the reactors in blocks, pressure testing.

Linus Kukec performing the final test for 100 hours.

All Primozone production technicians are trained to perform all the stages of the process excellently. These crossed mixed skills are essential now when Primozone is expanding fast and the demand for our generators increases.

“What it means in practice is that when the bottleneck time comes, we can divide the tasks and fulfill the delivery times as well as being perfectly secure that the quality will remain Primozone high!” Says Linus K, responsible for final testing of the reactors and ozone generator.

A finished reactor is undergoing several quality and performance tests after it is assembled to ensure that we keep our promise to the market. Before the unit is dispatched from Primozone factory, it has been tested for 100 hours under 100% duty level. In case we are not fully satisfied with the results of the test, we will finetune the unit and make it ready for perfect ozone production at the customer side.

In this way, we are satisfied and confident that every single unit that is shipped to treat any application be it pharmaceutical residues in wastewater or securing drinking water to 80% of the population of Luxemburg will be performed according to specifications.

Primozone underwent a substantial transformation over the last decade, from a small company with less than ten employees to a globally recognized and respected ozone manufacture. However, what remains the same throughout years is the same dedication and devotion to our vision to always be the most competent provider of ozone technology for sustainable treatment solutions, and interest to maintain the position of the most reliable and future-proof ozone generator on the market, that is generously awarded to us by our customers.

 “Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the outcome of our job, when we see the impact that and the result, listening to testimonials of our grateful customers that got rid of the harmful odour,r increased the efficiency of their fish farm or secured drinking water supply to entire cities. ”  Primozone Production team.